Boarding School Admissions

Character-building, independence, highly academic. These are a few words associated with why parents send their children overseas to top independent boarding schools. We help in terms of whether boarding school is the right fit for your child, and if so, curate a list of boarding schools which best suit the character, interests and strengths of your child, finding an environment in which they can thrive. Once chosen, we also support your child every step of the way from the pre-tests, writing his or her personal statement, 13+ or 16+ entrance exams and finally the boarding school interview.

Services we offer

Initial Assessment

We first advise for your child to sit an assessment in English and/or Maths to see if he or she is on par with his or her peers in the top UK boarding schools and if not, provide any tutoring needed to reach that level.

School Selection & Ongoing Guidance

Based on the initial assessment, we will draw up a list of recommended UK schools that would suit your child depending on his or her preferences, personality as well as any family preferences. The most important factor here is finding the ‘right’ school and schooling environment that he or she will thrive the most in and not necessarily the most academic. We also help most parents determine the right age at which to send their child, whether it’d be at 11+, 13+ or 16+ entry.

Common Entrance 11+ / 13+

Almost all UK boarding schools require the Common Entrance examination to determine acceptance of a candidate. Our tutors are specifically trained in these exams and can help with exam technique fully preparing your child to tackle these particular test papers.

School Specific Entrance Exam 16+

Most schools when accepting 16+ entry candidates will require subject tests in their intended A level subjects. Some will also require verbal reasoning. We help prepare your child so that they can perform to the best of their ability.

Interview Preparation:

Some schools will require your child to go for several interviews. We help your child by giving a few mock interviews and feedback sessions, tailoring it specifically if they are preparing for a certain school.