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Confidence In Self-Expression And Public Speaking

By a Tutor who studied Social Anthropology at The University of Edinburgh.

Price : RM600


Learn how to build confidence, find your unique voice, and project it in a style which is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!

This four-part Saturday course is essential for anyone who struggles with shyness, or just wants to become a more successful influencer. It is run by a Tutor, Writer and Activist, who overcame her own social anxiety and now specializes in persuading the toughest of audiences into making more ethical decisions. The skills learnt over these four weeks will set students up to achieving anything they ask for, and propel them on their path to becoming a strong leader.

The course covers:

  • How to clarify, simplify, and fortify communication (written and verbal)
  • Tips to find your authentic tone and make you stand out amongst the crowd
  • Psychology-inspired tricks to overcome nerves and shyness, power postures and confident body language
  • Ways to methodically structure an influential message and create a strong argument
  • Composing and presenting their own speech to the group and receiving individual feedback