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Mindfulness: Improving Concentration

By a Tutor who studied Social Anthropology at The University of Edinburgh.

Price : RM450


Learn techniques to improve concentration and clarity, manage anxiety and stress, and become a stronger person who can cope easily with whatever life throws at you!

Psychological statistics show that a worrying number of young people are suffering from high levels of stress and difficulty with concentration, due to increasing life pressures and over-stimulation associated with screen usage. In Kuala Lumpur around a staggering 40% of adults experience mental health problems, with Burnout, Depression, and Anxiety Disorder being the main culprits. Early warning signs in young people that they struggle with emotional regulation are often overlooked.

This three-part Saturday course aims at developing strong mental health practices to set children and teens up for the rest of their lives, and is essential to any who:

  • Struggle with focussing or sitting still
  • Get overwhelmed by emotional states or disorganized thoughts
  • Want to develop healthier habits encouraging personal growth

Skills taught over the course include:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness philosophy and practices
  • Concentration building techniques
  • Healthy emotional processing and releasing tips

The course will not stop inside the classroom; each student will be given a homework book with specific challenges to try and report on during the days between classes.