University Admission

Where schools have a university counsellor for several students, we have several experts for one student, helping with the ‘last mile’ of getting that spot at your dream university. Each of our experts have read the subject the student will be applying for – 90% are from Oxford or Cambridge -approaching from a mentor perspective, and imparting first-hand experience and knowledge.

Services we offer

Subject Exploration

Don’t know what subject best suits you? We help identify the subject to read at university in which you will find most enriching and most fitting to your strengths and passions – a subject in line with your true colours where you can thrive and really be yourself.

Admissions Guidance

We help gain entry into top universities worldwide through our first-hand experience, knowledge and customised strategies.

Personal Statement Writing

What goes into a personal statement? How do I portray myself in the best light to an admissions tutor who needs to pick me over all the others? We help you answer these questions through our tried-and-tested 6 paragraph structure where almost all our students have gotten their first, if not, second choice university.

Entrance Exam Preparation:

This is the least familiar part of the process, whereby students have to take a subject- or university-specific examination as an extra indication of their capability. We teach you strategies on how to do well in your entrance examinations, be it BMAT, UCAT, LNAT, PAT, MAT, TSA, ECAA or STEP, as most our tutors have taken the tests themselves and scored high marks.

Interview Preparation

The most daunting part of the university application process – verbally communicating across your best traits and intelligence. We touch on all aspects of acing the interview from basic interview skills to maneuvering the highly academic questions of the dreaded Oxbridge interviews. Our tutors have been in your shoes answering such questions and have now had years training others in successfully doing so. We do this through mock interviews and customized ongoing feedback and individualized coaching.