What is ‘Roadmap to Ivy Leagues: Theme Your College Application’?

Roadmap to Ivy Leagues: Theme Your College Application is a guide by PrepWorks to help students focus on key aspects to get into Ivy League institutions in the US. Ivy Leagues adopt a more holistic approach, choosing all-rounder candidates who excel in academics and co-curricular activities. Candidates are selected based on their abilities and not their background or the education system they’re in.

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While both are highly popular choices, studying in the United Kingdom and the United States offer distinctive experiences. Here’s a short breakdown of the differences between them:

Focus of study

UK education systems focus on the degree you are taking from the get go. All subjects and courses will be related to it, so expect a level of commitment. Studying in the US is suitable for students who are still unsure about their course. In your first year of study, you get to try out different subjects such as biology or music. As your first year allows you to experience the breadth of courses available, you will be spending more time studying in the US. Majority US courses are a year longer than UK courses.

Grades and homework

Both education systems require students to complete assignments, presentations and projects that account for your grade, but the way you are graded is different. US systems tend to have small tests every two weeks that contribute to your overall grade. Whereas for the UK, your final or end of degree exams are the ones that will affect your results greatly. Students who find it difficult to handle big exams should consider the US system, as it helps ‘spread out the stress’. If you prefer taking your time for exam preparations, then look into the UK system.

Expectations when applying

Excellent grades are not the only thing that you need in order to earn your place in US institutions. They place importance on your achievements beyond academics as well. Taking part in sports or artistic endeavours is very important to them. You can also show that you are community conscious by involving yourself in projects to help the underprivileged. Institutions look for students who can bring benefit to the institution as well.

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