Secondary Years

Ages 12 - 16

Applicable for: Academic Development

Secondary school tuition lessons are delivered online or in-person

Being motivated to learn can be difficult if students feel unfamiliar with the subject or topics at hand. At PrepWorks, we believe that individualised attention and a friendly approach help improve a student’s understanding as it fosters an interest in learning. The majority of our tutors are from top universities and are experts on the subjects they teach. Whether a student is struggling with a particular subject or looking to push for excellence, our tutors will be able to effectively deliver the lesson according to their needs.

Benefits of Enrolling in Our Secondary School Tuition Lessons

Students get to

  • Receive individualised attention to work their specific gaps
  • Focus on a class without distractions from other students
  • Have full control on topics and discussions the tutor can touch on
  • Improve or maintain grades
  • Strengthen subject comprehension (Pre-IGCSE, IGCSE, IB)
  • Be guided by tutors from top universities
  • Get motivated in learning through engaging and interactive lessons
  • Nurture learning skills and habits
  • Boost self-confidence as they improve

Applicable for: Academic and Character Development

Class sessions are delivered online or in-person

Top boarding schools offer a learning experience a student cannot find anywhere else. They learn to be independent, build their character in a supportive community and have access to one of the best education available. However, boarding school is not suited for every child. At PrepWorks, with the help of our academic coaches, we can answer that question through an initial assessment. We will then draw up a list of recommended boarding schools based on the student’s personality, preferences, and family preferences and work to ensure that the student is ready for every step of their education journey.

Benefits of Receiving Academic Coaching

Students get to

  • Increase their chances of getting into a top boarding school
  • Ensure that they are on par with their peers in boarding school
  • Strengthen their academics if they have any gaps
  • Find out the right school and schooling environment for them
  • Determine the right age of entry for boarding school (11+, 13+ or 16+)
  • Be introduced and prepared for the entrance examination (Common Entrance 11+ / 13+ for the UK)
  • Prepare for the school and subject specific entrance exam for students aged 16 and above
  • Practice for interviews through mock interviews and feedback
  • Receive school-specific guidance if they have selected a particular school
Boarding School Admissions Guidance

Applicable for: Character and Skills Development

Class sessions are delivered online or in-person

Students now face immense pressure in their academics. And with more students pushing to enter top universities, the level of stress placed on them is bound to be more immense. With an academic coach, students will be able to develop good habits, personal motivation, and problem-solving skills to thrive at school and home. Each session is tailor-made to specific situations the student is facing, whether it be trying to manage their stress, improving their relationship with parents or peers, or managing their time and workload. Academic coaching has been proven to help students achieve improved grades, better mental and emotional wellbeing.

Benefits of Academic Coaching for Teens

Students get to

  • Work with an experienced academic coach to work through obstacles students are facing
  • Identify and set their goals in academics or beyond
  • Implement systems into their days to achieve goals
  • Develop intrinsic motivation that will drive their passion to learn
  • Receive guidance on how to manage stress and emotions
  • Learn how to manage workload to prevent being overwhelmed
  • Identify causes of their negative emotions
  • Explore and try out different learning and time management methods
  • Improve their relationships with others
  • Gain new insights and perspectives that can make them emotionally stronger
  • Get help and guidance specific to their needs
Academic Coaching

Applicable for: Character and Skills Development

Class sessions are delivered online or in-person

Key skills PrepWorks want to focus on are not just vital for getting into the best universities, but also to succeed in life. There is a distinct lack of focus on skills such as communication skills, critical thinking and reading in schools. Students end up having trouble when it comes to interviews or presentations, only to develop them later in university through soft skill classes or attending workshops. These skills can actually be established in a child as young as 7, through encouragement and fun activities. PrepWorks hosts enrichment workshops and classes with this in mind during holidays to help prepare students for the challenges ahead.

Benefits of Attending the PrepWorks Enrichment Programmes

Students get to

  • Pick up new skills that are not taught in the classroom
  • Build confidence in their own abilities
  • Develop specific skills through carefully designed courses and classes
Enrichment Programmes

PrepWorks | Platform for Academic Coaching & Secondary School Tuition Lessons in Singapore

With a proven track record of nurturing stellar students, our academic coaches and secondary school tutors guarantee success for teens looking to develop new skills. Actively taking measures to shape the academic lives of our students, getting offers from top institutions becomes a breeze.

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