Character Development Classes for Children in Malaysia

Character Counts: Stand Out with Qualitative Appeal

At PrepWorks, we believe that education encompasses pillars beyond academics. With top institutions placing emphasis on character, value, experiences, and an extensive portfolio of non-academic skills when sieving through thousands of applications, standing out from the crowd makes the world of difference.

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Looking Beyond Quantitative Scores

Applying to enter top institutions and schools for further studies is no longer a simple process in these disruptive times for education. As part of the selection process, admission offices of most organisations leverage tools, such as character-focused essay questions, for the consistent assessment of positive character attributes. Schools today look beyond good grades and test scores as they move towards a more holistic admission. The various dimensions of character schools look for include:

  • Leadership
  • Motivation and initiative
  • Responsibility
  • Willingness to take risks
  • Special talents or abilities

The Importance of Non-Academic Skills

For students to accomplish what they care about, their character is key. As such, test scores and GPA are only one of the many factors being accounted for. Students who also possess traits that align with the schools’ mission are seen as potential contributors to the rich school community, increasing their chances of admission.

Most schools in Malaysia do not focus on character development. Often placed on the back-burner, character education lessons are not part and parcel of early childhood education. Aiming to fill this gap in the formal education system and nurture active learners, PrepWorks offers character development classes for all children.

Our character development classes for children narrow in on student’s character and their outlook on education. It is commonplace for students to perceive formal education as a tedious task to check off their list, mugging throughout their school life to climb up the academic ladder. However, our educators take on innovative approaches, tapping on students’ passion points to elevate their intrinsic motivation.

During our character development lessons, students get to:

  • Receive individualised 1-on-1 coaching to instil character attributes that are fundamental considerations in school admissions
  • Boost their chances of getting into top institutions by building a stellar application
  • Have an early head start in curating a portfolio that demonstrates their appealing quality
  • Focus on interdisciplinary learning in areas such as ethical value and character

For skills that help your child succeed in life, look no further than PrepWorks. Establishing soft skills such as communication capabilities and critical thinking in children as young as 5 to 7 years old, our host of character development classes help build their mental agility to tackle the challenges ahead. For more information on our workshops and classes, contact our tutors.

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