At PrepWorks, we value every student as though they are our own. Your child’s success is what drives us.

Getting into highly competitive universities is a huge challenge with the limited support and resources available. Tamara Lim founded PrepWorks in 2015 to fulfill the needs of students who are aiming to enter top universities, as she has gone through the daunting process herself.

PrepWorks started off by providing guidance on personal statement writing, entrance exams and admissions interviews. Since then, PrepWorks’ mission has widened to include more than just top universities and boarding school admissions. We came up with the PrepWorks Method, an approach that focuses on equipping children with the means to succeed. We realise that students need more than just academic development to excel, they will also need to focus on character and skills development as well.

PrepWorks has grown to over 150 tutors, most graduating from top universities like Oxford, Cambridge or Ivy Leagues. Our services have expanded to also include the skills we believe will set students up for success, including critical thinking, studying skills, mindfulness and public speaking.


As the world becomes more competitive, it becomes increasingly difficult for parents to achieve the future they want for their children. The oversaturation of information, services and distractions makes it difficult for us to filter out the noise. What is the best path for my child to take? PrepWorks aims to help the next generation establish a strong foundation, where each and every child can thrive despite the constant shift in the world.


Our mission is to provide clarity and make it simple for success to be attainable through the breadth of experiences and passion of its Oxbridge and Ivy League tutors. Along with the development of education technology we can prepare the next generation, one unique child at a time, to find their element so that they will not just survive but thrive in school, university, work, society and beyond.

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