Admission Consultants for Top US Schools

Personalised Advice for Top US Schools Admission

At PrepWorks, we offer application support for students on a wide range of boarding school, college, and university admission options in the US. Our experienced team of admission consultants will guide you through every stage of the admissions process to top US schools by recommending the best school that fits each student’s academic profile. They will also pair you up with experienced tutors who will curate a specialised curriculum, ensuring your academic goals become a reality. Combining the bespoke advice of our admission consultants with support from tutors, a better outcome is guaranteed.

Application Support for Top US School Admissions

We understand the pivotal role the school rankings play in school selection. However, most prestigious schools in the US require meticulous preparation and a stellar portfolio to stand out from the competition. Given such extreme and competitive processes, our specialist US boarding school and college admission consultants will offer their expert advice and support you through the entire application process. From preparing for the admissions interviews to crafting a top-class application, we will precisely tailor our consulting framework to your requirements to help you attain admissions success.

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A Holistic Service

As one of the region’s leading school placement consultancy, we offer guidance and support during the crucial stages of your education journey. With our specially designed consulting framework, we have students benefit from the extensive knowledge passed on. From Oxbridge applications to US college placements, a premium experience, in addition to results that match, will be delivered.

With the expertise of our admission consultants, students get to:

  • Receive comprehensive coverage throughout their application process
  • Boost their chances of getting into top US schools
  • Have an early head start to their university, college or boarding school admissions
  • Receive updates and details such as college choice statistics
  • Identify what course to pursue based on their passions and academic achievements
  • Select the best US University, college or boarding school for them based on their needs
  • Craft well-rounded portfolios and manage all aspects of the application process with professional help

From head-start monitoring and personal statement curation to entrance test preparations and admission interview practice runs, PrepWorks delivers more than a full stream of consulting services. Our team of admission consultants possesses a wealth of knowledge in getting students placed in the top universities and boarding schools in the US. With our insider knowledge, you will receive comprehensive guidance for interviews and entrance tests. A testament to our expertise, 100% of our students have received offers from the top 10 UK boarding schools and universities, and in 2019, 2 out of 3 students received offers from Oxbridge and Cambridge University.

For comprehensive start-to-end guidance that abides by the academic and industry-leading framework, look no further than PrepWorks. We have our student’s needs as our top priority, and our 100% success rate of admission into the top universities and institutions, and boarding schools is a testament to our expertise. For more information on how we PrepWorks can offer specialist help and application support, get in touch with us.

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