What is the Roadmap to Oxbridge?

The Roadmap to Oxbridge is a guide created by PrepWorks to help students focus on key aspects in order to get into top universities. With our experience of helping students pave their way into their dream university, we realised that getting into top institutions like Oxford, Cambridge or Ivy Leagues is not based on their background or education system.

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PrepWorks has established The PrepWorks Method, an approach to ensure that parents and students have a clear idea on what a student should work on. Our three pillars in this approach are: Academic Development, Character Development and Skills Development. These three pillars are the ‘must-haves’ for every student to increase their chances of getting into top institutions in the world, and our services are aimed to fulfill this criteria.

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Academic Development

English Reading, English Writing, Maths, Language, IGCSEs / SPM, A Levels / IB / STPM / ATAR

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Character development

Intrinsically Motivated, Ambitious, Diligent, Curious Life-Long Learner, Organised, Community Conscious

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Skills development

Critical Thinking, Communication Skills, Writing Skills, Creativity, Collaboration Skills, “Star-Factor” Skill

Academic Development

This pillar encompasses all things academic, from language skills to standardised examinations. Schools tend to focus heavily on this aspect, but some students still have difficulties catching up due to large class sizes, different learning styles and lack of interactivity. Academic development is the most easily quantified, as parents, schools and students rely on grades as a metric. However, being purely focused on academic development can be detrimental, as students will end up falling behind on their character and skills development.

Character Development

Character is important not only in Ivy League admissions, but also as a driving force that keeps students on track when the going gets tough. Targeting to enter top universities is a challenging route, and only as many as 200 Malaysian students get into Oxbridge a year. Students cannot push themselves just because they are told to; they need to be innately motivated by their own interest and passion in order to maintain peak performance, and this is where their character comes in.

Skills Development

PrepWorks has identified the lack of certain skills as why some students have not succeeded in their top university admissions despite being high-achievers in academics. Some examples include creativity, critical thinking and collaboration skills. Students need to show that they can communicate clearly and effectively in order to stand out. These skills are among many others that help bolster how a student presents themselves to top universities. These skills are not only valuable to those entering top universities, but will also serve to boost your potential to succeed.

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