Skills Development Classes for Children in Malaysia

Skills Matter: Attaining Admissions Success

At PrepWorks, we believe that a well-rounded education comprises pillars beyond academics. With top institutions finding the appeal of students who are ready to develop fundamental skills that will play well with the school’s mission, the ability to unlock one’s potential well beyond their years becomes a standout trait to have.

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Creating a Stellar Student Profile

Applying to enter top institutions and schools in and of itself is an arduous task. Add to that the pressures of getting good grades in school can leave students showing no interest in constructing a personal roadmap to academic, career, and life success. Since part of the selection process into top schools looks into personal capabilities to maximise self-efficacy, attending skills development classes from a young age will not only help children recognise their full potential but also allow coaches to identify any limitations worth rectifying. The various dimensions of skills schools look for include:

  • Ability to manage relationships
  • Personal distinctiveness
  • Self-empowerment
  • Active participation
  • Special talents or abilities
  • Ability to apply knowledge and skills to boost academic performance

The Importance of Non-Academic Skills

With effective skill development, students are able to gain insights from major learning challenges and accomplish what they care about. In a crowd of competitors who are all earning perfect GPAs, one’s ability to work through obstacles and actively implement goals to drive motivation is a skill admired by most. Developing such skills ensures excellence in students’ educational journey and sets them up for success in their life.

Most schools in Malaysia only focus on academic grades. Often placing skill development on the back-burner, strategic steps that improve learning in multidisciplinary fields are not part and parcel of early childhood education. Aiming to shape elements such as the pedagogy to the relationship students have with education, PrepWorks offers skills development classes for all children.

Our skills development classes for children narrow in on supporting all students and offering them a slew of learning opportunities. It is commonplace for students to be bogged down by school structures and not take risks that make them feel empowered. Tapping on this gap, our educators take on innovative approaches, exposing students to the methodologies of successful graduates, aiming to strengthen their leadership skills and principles.

During our skills development lessons, students get to:

  • Receive individualised 1-on-1 coaching that helps them transit from one phase of their education journey to another with ease
  • Work out strategies that will boost their chances of getting into top institutions
  • Have an early head start in curating a portfolio that demonstrates their appealing quality
  • Focus on interdisciplinary learning that arms them with tools necessary for identifying self-limitations

For skills that help your children succeed in life, look no further than PrepWorks. Establishing soft skills such as public speaking, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration skills in children as young as 5 to 7 years old, our host of skills development classes help build their mental agility to tackle the obstacles ahead. For more information on our enrichment programmes and classes, contact our tutors.

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