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With 90% of tutors from Oxford or Cambridge, we guide you with first-hand knowledge and passion towards achieving a place in the subject we read at university.



2 out of 3 of our students received offers from Oxford and Cambridge University in 2019.

Students who start preparing 2 years earlier are 4 times more likely to get into their dream university.


UK University Admission

Popular Schools

Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, UCL

We help with

Admissions Guidance, Personal Statement, Interview Preparation, Entrance exam preparation ( UKCAT, BMAT, LNAT, MAT, PAT, TSA ), and more

US University Admission

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UPenn, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford

We help with

Profile Building, College Selection, Personal Essay Guidance, SAT I & SAT II Preparation

Boarding School

Popular Schools

Harrow, Eton, Wellington, Wycombe Abbey, Sevenoaks, Westminster, Marlborough College, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Cardiff Sixth Form College, Benenden

We help with

Schools selection, application guidance, 11+/13+ common entrance exam, 16+ school-specific entrance exam


We offer tutoring support services in

A levels, IB, IGCSE, Key Stage 2 & 3, Maths, English, Sciences, Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, Accounting, Geography, History, Music, Bahasa, Spanish

Enrichment Classes

From numeracy to literacy skills, to critical thinking, speaking, study skills, critical reading and writing, we designed classes specially developed to address key skills that will put your child on the path towards success, one degree at a time.

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching helps students develop good habits, personal motivation and problem solving skills to thrive in school and at home.



The Importance of Developing Critical Thinking Skills

The Importance of Developing Critical Thinking Skills We live in a society where we are constantly being bombarded with advertising and subliminal messages; so much so, that we are somewhat immune to the fact that these signals are overtly trying to influence our thoughts and behaviours. Let’s look at an average day for evidence of [...]

Pursuing an English Literature Degree – Is it Really ‘Useless’?

“What job can you get with this degree?”
This question would probably be a familiar one to many parents out there worried for the future of their children who will be taking a closer step into the real world.
It is a fair concern as humanitarian subjects such as language, philosophy, history, and many others within the category does not have a direct application to the job market. However, how true is it that degrees such as these would lead you nowhere? Well, according to PrepWorks’ Tutor, Carmen Thong, it is true only to a limited extent.

A Reading List to Remember

Ever thought what books your child should have read by the time they were 18? Or just looking for the perfect reading list of educational, inspirational and thoughtful literature. If these questions have crossed your mind, especially for some of us a million times, you are reading the right blog! Below we have a collection of books and their summaries: a list to inspire, to educate and for fun!

Put together by one of our top English tutors, having just got accepted (on full scholarship) to do her PhD in English Literature at Stanford University, PrepWorks brings you their favourite under 18 book list. We recommend you to get these books today or borrow them from our updated PrepWorks library!

GRIT: A Key Skill for our Future Generation?

As a teacher for over a decade, my question has always been ‘What sets one student apart from another?’ Is it nature or nurture? Usually, by the end of the first class, I have a feeling who will do well and who would need extra help. What did the kids who I knew would do well have in them? What were the qualities I was unconsciously looking out for?


A guide on when to register. It is very normal to think that applying to boarding schools in the UK can be thought of a year in advance, just like any other international school. However this is unfortunately too late by top UK boarding school standards.

What is the Best Route to the Oxbridges and Ivy Leagues?

Should I send my child to International School, Chinese School, the local system? Is the international school system worth it? What is the value of a Chinese school education – can my child get to Oxbridge that way? Should I consider sending my child to a Top UK boarding school and what benefit does that bring? We interviewed some of our tutors who kindly shared with us their education pathways.

Is Boarding School Life for me?

Ever wondered what it was like to be in a Top British Boarding School? How dramatically life would change from the comforts of your own home, from being able to have your own bedroom and bathroom, from feeling the warm sunshine, from having more free time to do as you wish, from eating Malaysian food and from seeing your parents everyday?

Preparing your Child for a Top UK and US University

Every parent wishes the best for their child. If you are reading this you are probably of the opinion the best is to send them abroad for university.

How to prepare for an Oxbridge Interview

As November nears its end, some applicants may have already received interview invitations from their respective colleges and universities. After getting over the initial excitement, the nervousness will set in and the big question will be – what can I do to prepare?

Why are Public Speaking skills important?

At PrepWorks we aim to cover all the skills the normal academic curriculum may not focus on: the skills that are what I would like to call the ‘last mile’ skills. One of these skills is Public Speaking or really the art of Speaking.

University: Planning the Time of Your Life – and making it better!

3 Handy Tips for 15 – 18 year old students as they approach their final years in high school and begin thinking of the next important step: university.

Where and what to study at University?

Simple questions to ask yourself before you pick a degree and university.


We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.

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