Excel and Thrive with the Ultimate Preparation Programme

(Ages 14 - 17)

StarWorks helps you set yourself up for success in top universities and in life.

Developed by Oxford and Cambridge graduated tutors who are passionate about building strong foundational skills in students. Unlock your true potential and propel yourself to success by building independence during your formative years.

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We developed StarWorks, an online programme, to help students between the ages of 14 to 17 to discover their innate abilities, to extend their knowledge beyond a school syllabus and to make them capable of finding their own fulfilment in life.

Stand out from the crowd

With our experience of guiding over 200 students a year (1 out of 3 of them to be accepted into the echelons of Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard university) we mapped out key subjects and skills that will push them towards becoming high achievers.

Equip yourself with 21st century skills

Over the years, we realised that students are still woefully unprepared for challenges in university and life, despite their achievements. They are missing crucial skills to help them survive in a competitive and demanding world - 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication or emotional regulation.

Go the distance

We noticed successful students on the outside struggle to sustain their motivation over long periods of time. They caved under pressure or became lacklustre in their view of learning, that studies were a series of assignments upon assignments. Studies show that around 44% of students in higher education exhibit symptoms of depression.

Core Subjects

StarWorks English

Develop English literacy skills that lets students analyse different types of text and produce writing with a wider array of vocabulary. You’ll be able to find writing or reading a more enjoyable experience and even write your own essay to get into the university of your dreams!

StarWorks Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking

Learn how to solve any problem through our Critical Thinking & Creativity module. Create an approach to match the situations or needs with structured and innovative thought. You’ll thrive by asking the right questions and considering possibilities or perspectives. A valuable skill that can be applied anywhere.

StarWorks General Knowledge
General Knowledge

Widen your General Knowledge and discover subjects like health sciences, philosophy, film studies or even politics. You’ll get to encounter university subjects early so you have time to experience and experiment with topics that you’re interested in, while also keeping up to date with current affairs.

Core + Power Up Subjects

StarWorks Mathematics

Access a vast amount of degree options and possibilities with a strong foundation in Maths. You’ll learn concepts from Further Mathematics that are not taught to you until pre-university, and try out International Mathematical Olympiad tricks. Push yourself ahead of your peers to get an early head start.

StarWorks Communications

Present your best side and points with Communication skills. Warren Buffet believes good communication can increase your value by 50%! Master the art of persuasion and presentation while sharing your ground-breaking ideas. You’ll even be able to remain confident during a nerve-wracking interview.

StarWorks Wholesome Teenager
Wholesome Teenager

To be your best self, students need to be fully equipped as Wholesome Teenagers: emotionally resilient, organised, empathetic and able to hold themselves accountable. You’ll be able to face daunting challenges in life, including getting into a top university, and push yourself to achieve success.

Term Dates for 2022 - 2023

All classes are 100% online (except last communications class)

Term 1

26th Sep - 8th Dec 2022

Term 2

16th Jan - 30th Mar 2023

Term 3

26th Apr - 6th Jul 2023

3 terms per year, 10 weeks per term, 30 week course per level, lesson duration: 1.5 hours

Weekly Timetable

4.00PM - 5.30PM 5.30PM - 7.00PM
Monday StarWorks Level 1 StarWorks Level 3
Tuesday StarWorks Level 3
Wednesday StarWorks Level 2
StarWorks Level 1
Thursday StarWorks Level 2
Level 1 : starting university in 4 years
Level 2 : starting university in 3 years
Level 3 : starting university in 2 years

Any 14 to 17 year old with the following needs:

  • Aim for a strong application to a top university
  • Understand what university degree suits them the best
  • Write eloquently for exams, personal statements and other writing assessments
  • Read widely and exposing themselves to subjects 'outside the classroom'
  • Manage themselves better through techniques to help you become a top student
  • Become a confident communicator through expressing their ideas and thoughts
  • Reignite their curiosity for knowledge and learning
  • Experience less stress and more opportunities to thrive as a student

RM 229.90 per week for StarWorks
RM 329.90 per week for StarWorks+

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Offer ends: 16 September 2022.

The classes will be conducted online via Zoom. Class materials will vary from tutor to tutor, but will be distributed online. Students are not required to print out lesson materials unless stated, but are highly encouraged to have gadgets that make typing convenient (laptops, tablets with keyboard attachments).

The final class for communications will be conducted in-person at our office in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, but students can also join in online.

It is advised to enrol for the program from the start of the term, and continue for at least a year (3 terms) to reap the full benefits of the curriculum. However, we still accept enrollment throughout the term and will be happy to prorate the term's fees in those instances. To enrol please click the button on the bottom right that says ‘Register for StarWorks’.

Homework will vary from tutor to tutor. Some tutors will provide flexible homework that is optional while practice-focused subjects such as Mathematics will have mandatory homework and optional homework.

Being mindful that students have their own school work and other tasks to accomplish, we aim to provide a healthy dose of work that is not overwhelming.

Payment is made by term:

  • The full term's fees are required at least 1 week before the first lesson.
  • Bank transfer, cheque, credit card and payments via Stripe are all accepted.
  • 6 and 12 month credit card instalment options are available.
  • No deposits are required.


University of Oxford

Subjects: English, Communications, Wholesome Teenager, General Knowledge

Jish received a full scholarship to read Jurisprudence at Merton College, University of Oxford, from which he graduated in 2015, winning prizes for best first and second year law student at Merton. For the past six years, Jish has been a solicitor at a global white-shoe law firm, prior to a planned return to Malaysia in 2022. Jish had counselled students in their applications to Oxford and law firms, and been involved in various charities to teach under-privileged kids. He believes that students should be supported in finding a balanced and sustainable approach to academics. Ultimately he believes that learning how to think critically and to ask the right questions are far more important than being taught the subject itself.


University of Bristol

Subjects: Communications, Wholesome Teenager, General Knowledge

Alistair is a former consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. He has supported C-suite clients across SEA across various industries such as Oil & Gas, Consumer Goods and the Public Sector. He attended the Alice Smith International School for his A levels and IGCSEs and received academic scholarship to study his chosen university degree. He holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bristol; received with First Class Honours. He has helped some applicants in their university admissions and others in their professional career applications. He believes that the best way for students to mature and develop, is to build upon fundamental understanding and passion for learning rather than teaching the typical “how-to’s” in academics.


University of Oxford

Subjects: Mathematics

Andy was born and raised in England. After attending a state school, he won a place at Oxford to study engineering, where he won a distinction and eventually graduated with his masters. He particularly excelled in mathematics, and scored a high first class in that examination. Since moving to Malaysia, Andy has taught and tutored A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. In recent years, he has successfully coached students for entrance into schools such as Eton and Harrow, as well as for the Cambridge STEP exams in mathematics (in which his last student scored two Grade I's). As many of his students will attest, he is especially gifted at teaching people to think clearly and to reason mathematically.


University of Cambridge and University of Oxford

Role: Curriculum Developer

Rohan has a first-class degree in English Literature from Cambridge University and a Masters with distinction in Linguistics from Oxford University. As an undergraduate, he had three broad areas of interest: Chaucer, the Victorians and the English novel in the 20th century. At the postgraduate level, his main focus was on child language acquisition. He has been working as an English tutor in Malaysia for the past 10 years and continues to be passionate about bringing out the best in his students. His students have gone on to Ivy League colleges in the US and to top Russell Group universities in the UK. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the piano; he is a Fellow of the London College of Music in piano performance.

Tamara (Founder)

University of Oxford

Role: Programme Manager

Tamara obtained her MEng degree in Materials Science from Oxford University. She was awarded an academic scholarship and several college prizes throughout her time at Trinity College, Oxford. Tamara then spent her 4th year at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US doing research on “Biodegradable Bone Screws”. Following this, she joined Shell and worked for 9 years in various roles starting out as a Materials Engineer in The Netherlands. After various commercial roles in Shell, she started PrepWorks in 2015 to provide guidance to students aiming for top universities, colleges and boarding schools. Tamara also obtained a certification from Harvard Graduate School of Education in Online Teaching and Learning Strategies and counsels 50+ students a year herself with the majority making it to their top choice school or university.

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